All I want for Christmas is a genie

After such hectic days in Singapore and Surabaya, it’s a great chance to finally able to relax again and enjoy a breather prior to the second reception on Sunday. I’ve been staying at my fourth sister’s house which is located in an upmarket housing estate not far from where my parents and some of my siblings are located.

Yani and I have also been sampling the local culinary delights so my waistline which has shrunk a bit has undoubtedly expanded again. It seems such a waste to exercise moderation in Bandung when there are so much food and things to sample and try again. Yesterday we met Ps. Toming and his wife and their boy, Andrew who arrived in Bandung already. Ps. Toming is the pastor of the church in Adelaide, as you may have known. He will deliver the sermon for the service prior to the reception on Sunday. Most of my family will be here in Bandung by the close of the day, as well as some members of Yani’s family.

So yeah, it is great to relax a bit before the reception and before we head back to Adelaide. We only have about a week left before we head home to Adelaide. Back to the heat of Summer!! 😮 I really hope that my plants survive the heat and that my fish are swimming happily in my fishtank!

If you’re wondering why I title my post as such, my sister’s youngest boy is somehow besotted by Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is you as well as a song by all-girl group from South Korea called Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). The thing is, he plays those songs on rotation, repeatedly, every morning, day (when he’s home from school) and night. Christmas is still here in the house, definitely – complete with a Korean genie. Aaargh!

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