A whirlwind of trips


If the last three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) can be summed into a phrase, it would be “planes, trains and automobile”. Yani and I left Singapore on Monday after numerous train trips in the efficient MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system, and then we left to Surabaya finally at 3.00pm after the plane was delayed twice. We arrived at 4.00pm to traffic jams all over the city – by the time we arrived at the motel, nearly three hours later, we were dead tired. Yani had blisters all over her feet due to the non-stop walking – hehehe – I suppose I will need to walk with her a lot more so she’s accustomed to it. 🙂

We left to Jakarta on Tuesday on a plane, and then on Wednesday, barely having enough time to catch a breather, we left to Bandung on a car driven by my sister’s chauffeur. So today, we’re just chilling out – Yani had a stomach ache last night and I had a slight headache. I feel a lot better today and Yani seems more relaxed as well. No doubt it is quite a challenge for her to adjust to my humongous family – five sisters, five brother-in-law, one brother, two sisters-in-law, and numerous nieces and nephews. From somebody young, she has been transported into an ‘auntie’. Haha.

Yani’s mum seemed to be less sad saying goodbye to her, even though I know that she still missed her and wanted her around. I suppose it was a bit hectic for the last three days that she didn’t have a chance to catch up with her properly. Yani’s family will be coming over for the reception on Sunday – her parents, brother, two of her aunts, and one of her uncle.

We are also going to spend some time finishing packing the souvenirs that we hand out to the guests after our reception. Having done one reception, in a way I’m dreading having to go through a similar rigmarole of having a smile plastered on my face and shaking hands with 400+ guests. However, I do like the fact that I am given another occasion to celebrate my marriage – like watching a good long movie twice: even though you dread having to sit through the three hours, but you know you will enjoy the movie the second time around. 🙂

Well, time for me to bid you goodbye for now. I still have works to do – a shower to have, a wedding clip to finish, and souvenirs to pack. Woohoo. 🙂

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