Singapore – A Postscript


Changi Airport always feels so familiar and yet there are always changes and improvements that are being implemented every time I happen to be here. I’m waiting for the flight that will carry Yani and myself back to Surabaya – the extra hour of delay brings a blessing in disguise as it allows us to explore the airport in case we can find any bargain perfume for my sister, or a wristwatch for my niece. So far, no luck – even the sale prices seem to be higher than the ones in Adelaide.

My trip to Singapore has been quite interesting – the highlights are definitely my Singapore Flyer experience and my catching up with an old friend from my uni days. The other highlight of course is the adjustment process with Yani – some of our characters need to be refined together and being together in Singapore has given us that first taste of the potential clashes and co-operations in the future. I’m impatient and grumpy, and she’s ignorant and dreamy – a match made in Heaven. Hahaha. 😀

Something that I have also noticed here in Singapore is the number of Indonesians around – there are definitely a lot more Indonesians than when I worked here in early 2000. I suppose the abolition of the notorious fiscal tax for travelling Indonesians helps a lot in making overseas trips very popular. Now, if you have a tax identification number (or NPWP as it is known in Indonesia: Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (Tax-Payer Identification Number)), you don’t need to pay any fiscal tax when you fly abroad. If you don’t have one, you still need to pay Rp 2,500,000 (around AU$295) to fly out of the country. Now, everywhere you go in Singapore, you will hear the unmistakable Bahasa Indonesia spoken by couples and families travelling from Indonesia.

Being here for five nights has confirmed that I will probably not enjoy living here for a long time. It’s just too crowded, too hectic – I will end up spending my money on trivial things such as CDs, DVDs and latest gadgets and using money as my emotional bandaid. I did enjoy the financial aspects about working in Singapore but those days are long gone. I still enjoy my one or two day sojourns here as a tourist, replenish my collection of socks and undies and just retracing my old steps. Haha. I wouldn’t mind going out of Adelaide and plonk myself elsewhere, but perhaps not Singapore. However, I won’t close off any doors of opportunities, if God wants me to go, I’ll go! 🙂

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