Goodbye my old friends!


I’m about to throw out my trusty pair of Timberland sandals. 😥 I bought them many years ago in Singapore and I remember buying them with a pair of shoes. I had concerns that the stitches in the sandals wouldn’t last long because they looked weak, however at the end the sandals even outlived the shoes that I bought at the same time.

They had walked with me to places all over the world – such as the streets of Riga in Latvia and Prague in the Czech Republic as well as walked all over Svolvær in Norway, way beyond the Arctic Circle. They accompanied me as I walked around in Kangaroo Island earlier this year as faithfully as they cushioned every step that I made to Central Market in Adelaide or to the Rundle Mall. They even accompanied me when I painted my living room many years ago – a drop of burnt orange paint on my right sandal serves as a permanent reminder of that. They were my witness to my travelling days, my “four months without a job” days as well as my “ending bachelorhood” days. They were there as I wept for my brother. Unfortunately, old age is catching up with them. The velcro straps have been problematic recently as they refused to stay put as I walked around in Surabaya. They also look very tired and are long overdue for their retirement.

So with a lot of sadness I will decommission my sandals tomorrow and give them a proper burial by putting them in the rubbish bin in my hotel room. It seems so fitting that I bought them in Singapore years ago and they will also finish their duty back in Singapore. In their place are my a new pair that I bought from Robinsons, a pair of 20%-off Obermain sandals. I wonder what kind of events that they will witness and the places that I will bring them too. I don’t know if I will be as ‘nomadic’ as I was in the past, but then again, who knows, eh? Their first journey will be to accompany me back to Surabaya tomorrow, and on to Jakarta the next day, and on to Bandung the following day …

Goodbye old Timberland friends! May you find happiness in Sandal Heaven.

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  1. I had the same pair and loved them. I am looking to find that style again. Do you recall what the model was called? I know they are Timberlands.

  2. Thank you for the comment, MacofNiagara — unfortunately no, I don’t know the name of the model. 🙁 I bought the pair many years ago … I did a quick look at their website for you, there’s a similar-looking model there. All the best!

  3. also had the same pair, which i loved very much. was looking for a similar replacement and i came across your site. Interestingly mine the sole broke and came off in Surabaya.. that was the last duty for my sandal. Altogether almost 10 years..

  4. I bought mine in Singapore – Queensway shopping centre in 1998 – exactly the same pair as yours. I am still wearing them today and i just love them! Wish Timberland would re-release these again. Timberland did the same recently with their gore-tex boat shoe with 3 eyelet. Luckily i managed to pick up a pair!

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