Restless in Bandung

Holidays are meant for relaxation and doing practically nothing so I’ve spent the last couple of days taking midday naps, eating, watching telly, and more eating – and I’m getting restless and bored … aaargh! I miss spending time on the net (maybe I have become a net addict … haha), having my freedom (I am currently staying at my parents’ and it’s quite difficult to get around, especially since I don’t drive and the housing complex is way far from the city centre), and enjoying the orders of my domestic life. I have spent the last couple of days renewing my Indonesian passport too as I don’t want to let go of it, if I can. So far so good, the new passport will be delivered today, apparently. Hurrah – the process was quite painless as I had some ‘assistance’.

The weather in Bandung is very pleasant at the moment – it’s usually sunny in the morning and the clouds usually get thicker in the afternoon. When it rains, it pours – unlike the trickles that I usually have in Adelaide. It’s nice to see the rain through the trees and the potted plants that my mum has in the frontyard.

So far, I have bought a couple of business shirts since clothes are cheaper here than in Australia, visited a couple of malls with my sisters, and this evening I’m going to meet an old friend – my older brother is keen on my reestablishing my friendship or even getting the friendship into a deeper stage 🙄 – we shall see, eh?

I’ll be leaving Bandung on Saturday back to Jakarta – so I’m still going to have an easy day today (besides the coffee this evening), tomorrow, I’m going to venture around the city with my first sister and my niece. It’s good to be out and about …

PS, I’ve jus realised that it’s March already! How time flies,eh???? 😮

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  1. Hehehe….isn’t it nice to do nothing sometimes….how come u become restless…..

    Btw there’s a nice batagor in jln bungsu if u haven’t tried them. And there’s a nice new resto in Dago its in a new hotel but i cant remember the name of the hotel, they new oxtail menu and the view at nite its sooo nice, u need to reserve it at nite though as it is very popular

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