Flying high on Singapore Flyer


It’s our third day in Singapore and the highlight of the day was our visit to the Singapore Flyer, amongst the usual visits to the numerous malls, the favourite pastime for Indonesians in Singapore. 🙂 Singapore Flyer is the tallest giant ferris wheel in the world at the moment. It’s my second observation ferris wheel after the London Eye in 2002.

The Singapore Flyer is just a short stroll from Marina Bay as well as from the Millenia Walk. The ‘check-in’ process is painless – unfortunately I don’t have any of the credit cards that would’ve given me a discount to the ticket price. The regular adult ticket costs $29.50 for a 30-minute ‘flight’. There were eight other people with Yani and I in our capsule – two Brits, two Hongkongers, and a family of four Japanese. From the top we could see the islands around Singapore, as well as the major attractions in the island, such as the CBD and the numerous developments in the Bay. Singapore is undergoing a lot of changes at the moment – the government are busy building new complexes in the reclaimed land around the Bay. I’m sure that if I don’t visit Singapore in the next five years and return in 2015, the whole vista will be totally different! 🙂

A visit to Singapore Flyer is recommended to the tourists to Singapore – it may be considered pricey but you pay for the experience, I suppose. Thankfully the weather was beautiful when we went up in the Flyer unlike the weather that I experienced when I was in the London Eye. I suppose it was a bit of a wishful thinking expecting clear blue sky in December in London. 🙂 Somehow I think that the views from the Singapore Flyer are only limited to the side facing the land as the other side only offers the islands surrounding Singapore. Moreover, there is limited visibility in the evening. The London Eye does offer more in terms of landmarks and interesting things to spot. Ah well, each has their own pluses and minuses! 🙂

As mentioned previously, apart from the visit to the Singapore Flyer, there wasn’t anything else worth sharing. We were still a bit tired after endless days of walking so after breakfast we had a little nap and then went to Raffles City for a look-see as well as a stroll to the Esplanade, the Merlion, and Suntec City. Even though I left Singapore close to ten years ago, it’s still a bit difficult for me to be a tourist here. It feels weird taking pictures and just seeing Singapore through the eyes of a visitor. 🙂

Well, tomorrow will be another day of walking – we will go to the church in the morning and then we will go and see Avatar in Orchard Cineleisure in the afternoon. The rest of the day? Mall-hopping, no doubt! 🙂

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