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I feel fat at the moment after having a three-course dinner at Aerin’s in Raffles City with Yani and a long-lost friend from my university days. She sent me a message in Facebook after learning that Yani and I would be coming to Singapore, to arrange dinner today. I hadn’t met her for close to 15 years after I finished university. We stayed at the same International Students Residence, Hampstead Centre in the 1990’s.

I remembered my friend as a driven, determined lady and I had noticed a change in her Facebook profile as she is quite open about her faith in God and her relationship with Jesus. Because Yani and I had been spending the evening walking around Orchard Road to Dhoby Ghaut, undoubtedly we were a bit late by the time we reached the restaurant. We had to return to the hotel first to change because we weren’t properly attired for the restaurant. I texted my friend and said that I would be 5 minutes late. I expected a business like “ok – see you when you get here”. I would’ve given such a response! However she replied with words to the effect of “take your time, I’ll walk around in the meantime”. I nudged Yani and said that my friend had definitely changed from the person who I remembered.

We ended up talking a great deal about God and how she came to know Jesus close to seven years ago. She was originally a Buddhist-Agnostic from Sri Lanka. I told her that her discovery of God seemed like a Saul-Paul conversion as it was apparent that she was so passionate about God. I shared about my experience as well and we did discuss about the good old days at the dormitory and about our mutual friends all over the world.

Discussing our relationship with God and how He has shaped our lives all throughout the years was something that I would never ever envisage doing with her. He is the one who knew all along that the meeting would take place. My friend called it a ‘divine appointment’. 🙂 Her testimony even gave me encouragement about a dilemma that I’m facing at the moment. In due time I will share it with you all.

She asked me whether I was a believer when we stayed at the same dormitory. She mentioned that I wasn’t very expressive about my faith when I was a student even though she said that I was an easy-going, kind and loving kinda guy. Haha. It’s a gentle rebuke for me to always display God’s qualities and be ready to share His love. My student years at the dorm were certainly not a good example of my faith. Even though I was born again in 1991, my student years in Australia were like the first phase of my wilderness years. I was a baby spiritually. I only actively joined the local fellowship in the third years of university and also in my Honours years, after being rebuked by a pastor who knew that I was quite active in church prior to my departure to Australia. I partied the majority of the weekends with the exchange students from the Netherlands and Germany. It was only when I returned to Indonesia that God really put me in His training regime …

So, all in all, it has been a memorable day for me and another example that God is able to change our hearts when we seek Him. The day still provided some challenging adjustments between Yani and myself but I’m sure that such things are necessary to expose the characters and behaviours that I need to fix and address and vice versa.

You can’t create a beautiful statue if you don’t clean, split and carve the wood.

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