An unconventional wedding – Part 1


Unlike the titles that we obtain at the end of our courses, titles such as husband or head of family are given when the person begins the journey. I started that journey on December 27 after I married my wife. How the journey pans out depends on how I steer and direct the ship and how we both work together to ensure that the journey is safe and successful. 🙂

The day went like a blur and after months and months of planning, emotional ups and downs and plan changes, it went without any meaningful crisis. 🙂 As you know, I arrived in Surabaya a couple of days earlier so I could help Yani with some of the last minute arrangements. My family arrived on December 26 and they all rented three three-bedroom apartments in the city. I moved from my hotel to the apartment to make things easy on the day. Unlike Yani who had her traditional hen’s night, called Midodareni in Javanese, I didn’t have any parties or gathering. Knowing that it would be a hectic and tiring day, I went to bed early. Traditional hen’s night or buck’s night in Asia does not involve any strippers or drinking or last minute debauchery … hahaha. It’s just another gathering of families and close friends, providing support and love for the bride-to-be or groom-to-be.

Because of everybody’s high level of alertness, my sister woke me up at midnight, mistakenly thinking that it was 5.00am already. 😮 The make-up artists came at 4.00am to dress my mum, my sisters, sister-in-law and my nieces. The make-up artists even had to apply some make-up on my face so I wouldn’t look like an oil-and-sweat field on the day. 🙂 The photographers and the video recording technicians arrived at 8.00am as well, as scheduled. Even though Yani did not employ the service of an event coordinator, everything went as scheduled! Quite a feat, thanks to the army of relatives that she enlisted as well. Haha.

There was a mini crisis when we realised that the make-up artists forgot to bring my gloves (the groom is expected to wear white gloves here – I felt like Michael Jackson for a while *grin*). We had wait for a while after frantic calls were made – somebody came at the end to deliver my gloves, my boutonniere, and the corsages for the family – as well as other paraphernalia that were meant to be delivered to church and were mistakenly delivered to the apartment.

I finished the rest of my dressing-up process in front of the camera in the main bedroom of the apartment. I even had to take off my socks and then put them on again for the camera! My mother then helped me put my suit on as well as my gloves while my father looked on. He lost most of the mobility on his right arm after the stroke eight years ago. There are some amusing stories regarding the main bedroom that was used as the backdrop of the so-called ‘suit procession’. It was used the previous night by my second sister and her family, so they had to get up early as well and quickly tidied up the room. Because we were ill-prepared to decorate the room, my sisters had to make do with whatever they had on hand. The apartment did not have beautiful bed-cover, so my sisters used the brown blanket to cover the bed. They then put my second sister’s pashmina as decoration, as well as other fake flower hair ornaments that were brought by the make-up artists because we didn’t have any fresh flowers. To top it all, to tie the curtains, they had to resort to using my sister’s bra straps and then dress them up with some more hair ornaments! 😀 The room did look really beautiful at the end – quite a great make-over! That’s why I say that it’s quite an unconventional wedding!

So after I was properly dressed, my bestman then guided me from the apartment to fetch my bride … more on the next installment! 🙂

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