The morning after

I’m writing this blog entry from my older brother’s house in Bandung. I travelled from Jakarta to Bandung yesterday with my second sister’s family. My parents were a bit disappointed that I didn’t call them as soon as I arrived in Jakarta. I do realise the ‘significance’ of keeping in touch with them and reporting my whereabouts, however, I have a bad habit of doing so when it matters … haha. I gave Dad the woolen spread that I bought in Central Market, Adelaide but Mum ended up using it as a feet warmer/blanket on the bed rather than putting it on the floor. Ah well, whatever works! 🙂 I also gave Dad the nuts that he loves very much – he’s hoarding them at the moment and not letting any of the grandchildren have any of them. *grin*. He can be such a big boy at times.

Last night we all went to ‘Grandia’ Restaurant to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday (his birthday was actually on the 23rd of February). We catered for about 100 guests (including the humongous Tanusondjaja family!) and I think we were pretty close on the mark. It was less stage-managed at times, and could do with a bit more planning and directing – however, there was also a narration telling my Dad’s life story that was very polished – it was almost too smooth. I had to supress my embarassment as I think Dad actually enjoys being put on a pedestal and enjoying all the accolades. I suppose he deserves it after years and years of hardwork …

All in all, the evening turned up into a good night after all. There were rellies who I had not seen for years and years. Those who I saw as kids many years ago, have now turned into teenagers who I did not recognise. My being single was also mentioned from time to time, especially by my Aunt Swan who urged me to get married soon – to which I said, “Ok – as soon as possible!”. 🙂 The reason why I said that it was a good night was also because there were very few or even no arguments whatsoever amongst the siblings. Usually, whenever we get together, there’s always an argument or two between us. Hahaha. The only major tiff was when Joshua accidentally pressed a button on Joseph’s gameboy, erasing the game that he had been playing for days and days!

Well, it’s the morning after now – all is calm, all is bright – and my nasi goreng (fried rice) is getting cold so I should better eat it before it’s cold! It’s good to be back in Bandung after all! I will update the Blog with what I do here in Bandung – there are so many things that I want to eat and do while I’m here. One thing that I really should strive to do is to suppress my tendency to be indifferent and really do my best to be a good son when I’m around my parents – they deserve that at least.

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  1. I had nasi goreng for dinner today, too! A certain song is in my head now……! I am sure you could sing along hehe…..

    Selamat makan, have a great stay and selamat jalan back to OZ land.

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