Dona nobis pacem

It’s seventeen minutes past midnight here in Surabaya so it’s Christmas day already. Merry Christmas!

I’ve had my evening shower before I head to bed – my third one actually as I had one earlier as well. The last couple of days have been pretty busy – after I spent around five days in Bandung, I returned to Jakarta yesterday. I spent the evening putting my Bandung reception invitations into envelopes to protect the plastic cover – it’s quite a laborious task because my wedding invitation is oddly shaped. I had wanted to send my invitation in a tubular enclosure – lo and behold, my sister found a vendor in Jakarta, who can put each invitation in a cut bamboo, similar to the ones used in Indonesian angklung instrument. I am very happy with the result – it fits really well with my retro-themed reception in Bandung.

Earlier this morning, I flew from Jakarta to Surabaya, where I will have my wedding ceremony and my first wedding reception. In my haste, I forgot to bring my wedding suit with me. 😮 I sent a text message to my second sister to ask her to bring it along with her when she flies in on the 26th.

In two days’ time, I will be a married man. Whoa. I spent the afternoon doing some last-minute shopping at Tunjungan Plaza, one of the main malls in Surabaya. There were some last minute Christmas shoppers as well as those who just wanted to take advantage of the discounts. Because I hadn’t had my lunch, I had a late lunch in TP (Surabayans prefer the abbreviation than the full name) – and guess what I had? Bandung fishcake and tofu with peanut sauce (baso tahu) – you can take the Bandung boy into the world, but you can’t shake Bandung out of the boy! Haha!

I spent the evening accompanying Yani and her mum to the bridal saloon to see the gown that she’s going to wear in Bandung (apparently grooms aren’t supposed to see the bridal gowns prior to the wedding, so I have no idea on what kind of gown that she’s going to wear in Surabaya!). I also went with them to her auntie’s house – because they conversed in Javanese, I could only pick a couple of familiar words and guessed what they were discussing. It felt pretty good that I continued to re-learn how to relate to relatives and appreciate the beauty of having extended families. It’s especially important for me to establish good rapport and relationship with Yani’s families as well.

I’m sure things will be busier and more hectic as I get closer to the D-Day and the second D-Day. I am pretty tired now and it doesn’t help that my voice still sounds like Barry White. Because of my movements from one city to the next and experiencing different room conditions (airconditioning, fan, and so forth), I have caught a cold. 🙁 I’ve taken some medicines – I just hope I won’t sound this husky on the 27th when I say my wedding vow!

Okay – time for me to go to bed. Goodnight world! Again, Merry Christmas!

Silent night. Holy night. All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Let there be peace on earth.

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