Gluttony, glorious gluttony


It’s so hard to control yourself when you’re confronted with the variety of food that I cannot find in Australia. Having a lot of siblings means that they also want to help me enjoy the food that I miss in Adelaide. On top of that, whenever I visit my extended relatives to drop my wedding invitations, they also insist that I eat something at their house. It’s Asian hospitality – you wouldn’t want to refuse it if you don’t want to be seen as arrogant. So today, I’m stuffed up to my gills – even though my aunts and uncles acknowledge that I have plumped up since the last time that they saw me, they still think that it’s their duty to fatten me up some more. 🙂

While delivering my invitations, it’s also a good opportunity for me to reconnect with my extended relatives. In Chinese custom, uncles and aunts are addressed differently according to which side of the family that they’re related to you. Thank God that my eldest sister came along with me as she knows how to address each one of them so I don’t make a silly mistake. 🙂

I am now in Bandung, my hometown – where the weather used to be clean and cool, and the food are glorious. Bandung is now a mishmash of badly managed streets and traffic jams, and because the local government think that it’s a great idea to cut down mature trees and clear up more forests and fields for settlement areas, Bandung has now become the dustbowl of West Java. At least one thing is still true – Bandung has the best food around.

In the last two days, I have eaten kupat tahu (fried tofu with rice cakes with peanut sauce and beanstalks), nasi empal (spiced beef with rice and chilli sauce), mie solo (noodles à la Solo), as well as other cuisines that I can’t even remember! So if bachelors in Australia spend their last remaining single days being busy with their wedding preparations and (perhaps) last minute debauchery, I spend my last remaining days of singlehood by being busy with my wedding preparations and eating. Hahaha.

Unfortunately I have also developed some sore throat – maybe because I’m still adjusting to the water and air quality in Indonesia. I hope I can shake this off before my wedding day this Sunday. It wouldn’t be funny if I cough and splutter during the party! 😳

Tomorrow I will be heading back to Jakarta, and then on Thursday I will be flying to Surabaya, where I will meet Yani and have my wedding. My single days are truly numbered! Whoa! Scary and exciting at the same time!

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