I’ve said my goodbye


It’s great to be back in Indonesia and even though I’ve been spending my time quite leisurely, I have also been chasing all my friends for their addresses so I can send the wedding invitations over. In the process, I found my long lost highschool friends who still sounded remarkably similar after all these years! They didn’t recognise my name at first, and only after I mentioned my silly nickname at highschool that they started saying, “Aaaaah!”. 🙂

I also went to Citibankers’ reunion yesterday at a swanky club in Plaza Senayan, in South Jakarta that was organised through Facebook. It was billed as the reunion that gathered ex-Citibankers from 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s. Some are still employed there and after spending close to two hours on the road, bumper to bumper that I arrived at the venue with my sister. She also worked at Citibank – much longer and much more senior than I was. There were a lot of the older generations at first which made me a wee bit awkward – however, I’m an older guy now who can carry himself in an uncomfortable situation, so I just took a plate of food and had my dinner from the buffet and observed everybody. I’m no longer a guy who would fidget, stay a bit and then perhaps head home much earlier. Haha. Before long, I started noticing more of my old friends and we had a great time just chatting and keeping track of what each other was doing. Some people slimmed down, others – like me – ballooned a bit. Haha. They also commented on my overdue end of my bachelorhood … haha.

Most of my former colleagues are now senior executives in various banks and organisations in Indonesia. You can say that a majority of senior management of financial institutions in Indonesia spent some of their formative years in Citibank. I suppose I would’ve become somebody senior as well had I stayed in Indonesia, but then again, I enjoy my life now as well. 🙂

The event’s tagline is “Never say goodbye” – apparently as a reference that ex-Citibankers can never say goodbye to our former life. The event was also billed as a back to the disco days – Citibankers were (or maybe still are) known for their working hard and playing hard behaviour. So to entice people to come to the event, the organisers mentioned that the band and the DJ would play old classic songs that we could dance to. Unfortunately the hosts of the event didn’t manage to ‘raise the temperature’ and their activities to make us participate were rather pathetic as well. I did dance a bit along with my ex-boss, who still looked as crazy and young as ever, and my ex-colleagues. However, my dancing days are truly over – after a while, I started feeling bored and wanting to chill out some more. Besides there’s something really awkward in watching middle-aged folks dancing and thinking that they’re still cool. Hehehe. 🙂

By 10.00pm, I was already restless and sleepy – most of my friends who in the past would be dancing until the wee hours of the morning, left early to take care of their children. Haha. We are definitely not twenty-something yuppie boppers anymore!

I went home at about 11.00pm after trying to find a cab in the city – the former Marketing department secretary and her husband kindly drove me from the venue over to one of the major hotels in the city so I could get a taxi. By then the roads had cleared up a lot – that was my old life too, I would finish work at about 8pm to 9pm, and then took a taxi home and arrived at around 9pm – 10pm. I would be too tired to do anything else, so I would grab something to eat, have a shower and head to bed. The next day, life would go on as usual. I don’t know if I want to have such a life anymore!

I’ve already said goodbye.

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