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I’m back in Indonesia again and even though it is not home as I know it – it will always be ‘home’ to me.  I dreaded it a bit as I was waiting at the airport, thinking of the complicated etiquette, what-to-say and what-not-to-say, the faux politeness, the lack of privacy and other things related to eastern culture. Of course, that statement makes me sound like a pompous git who has forgotten how to behave like an easterner. I’m fast becoming a banana: white on the inside and yellow on the outside. I counted the years that I had lived outside Indonesia: 4 in Australia + 2.5 in Singapore + 7 in Australia = 13.5 years out of the 37 years of existence. Nearly four out of ten years of my life were spent overseas. I have started to think that eastern protocols to be things that I can do without.

However, as I boarded the plane yesterday, I felt energised – happy to see my folks and spend time with them, happy to experience home again and just to face everything with eyes wide open. The preparation for my wedding has made me appreciate my siblings and family more, and I need to really appreciate everyone when I still have time.

Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks

The flight home was uneventful – but I had a scary incident. As I munched my overpriced baguette at the airport, I heard myself paged by the airport “Tah-noo-sond-JAJA – JAJA. Mr JAJA please come to the transfer desk.” I calmly got up and walked as if it wasn’t me who was paged, because there were two guys chuckling, no doubt because of my strange and long surname that reminded them of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. I didn’t realise that I had left my passport on the desk when I finished posting my last blog entry. I remembered making a mental note not to forget my passport when I was typing my blog post, and well, I did. I apologised for being very careless and picked up the passport from the lady. That should teach me not to skip sleep and only had 3.5 hours of sleep.

I watched a documentary on the lack of sleep plaguing the whole world at the moment. I already had a suspicion that my lack of deep sleep had actually affected my mood (I can get cranky very easily) as well as my health (slightly overweight, and I get skin irritation because of my sensitive skin). The documentary also said that lack of sleep increased the risk of stroke, obesity and diabetes considerably, as well as depression. Whoa! It can cause us to have microsleeps and hallucinate as our brain demands to have a rest. Sheesh. So I hope you have your 8 hours of sleep every night!

I had breakfast with my nephews and my parents this morning – the Disney channel was out blaring as I had my roti prata. Maybe it’ll be my routine in the future with cartoons on in the morning as I get ready for work. Kinda weird thinking like that! 🙂 As usual, I will be out to the mall in a wee bit to have my lunch — I can’t wait to have Nasi Padang and all the trimmings. I may be fast turning into a banana, but I still loooooooove Indonesian food. They are just the best – you can’t turn your back on the food of your culture! 🙂

So Nasi Padang, sayur singkong, rendang, and all the yummy food, her comes Papa! 🙂 [I guess I just need to watch my weight too, I wouldn’t want to end up like a fat boomba on the wedding photos!] 😀

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