Airhead Monday


I got up especially early today so I could finish a report that was due today and worked at home for the first half of the day, finishing the commentaries that I needed to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to bed earlier yesterday as I joined the folks from church to have our end-of-year dinner at Hahndorf. After a huge roast dinner at German Arms Hotel (all for $11.95!), I thought I would just upload the clip that I made for church into Facebook (for the service yesterday, which was the last service for the year before most of the students return to Indonesia, I created a slideshow of the photos that I took throughout the year). However, the continuously dropping internet connection meant that the uploading process was interrupted several times! 😡 I ended up having to do several attempts before I could successfully put it into Facebook.

Because of that, I only went to bed at 11.30pm … so I was so tired and sleepy when I got up in the morning. When I arrived at work at midday, I had to plunge headfirst into a series of meetings and take care of some loose ends for my projects. For some reason, I felt really airheaded today – asking obvious questions and not grasping things that would have been understandable to a five-year old kid. Duh. The strangest thing was that I wasn’t alone – apparently people in other parts of the business were feeling a bit duh as well. Hmmm – it must have been some solar flare activities or something *grin*. 😎

So after work, I did a wee bit of gardening, which is always relaxing, and then just taking the rest of the evening easy. The Barbeque Chicken-flavoured Indomie was also delicious for my dinner. All in all, it’s been quite a good day, albeit a bit strange!



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