In just over a month …


In just over a month, I will not be single anymore. The thought is scary and exciting at the same time. I am feeling inquisitive and intrigued on what my life will be like after December 2009. A part of me wants to run away as quickly as possible, as faraway as possible – however, I know that I can’t run forever and I am not a twenty-something yuppie who can work all over the world and party with fellow expats and expect that life will be hunky dory forever. If I choose to live in a bubble like that, soon I will realise that I will be the one left alone when other people have taken their life seriously. Even now I get a bit reflective when I know that my old schoolmates have children at school already. I will be in my 60’s when my children reach their 20’s. Pretty scary thought!

I wish life does not need to change – but we just need to face the constant change on earth, I suppose. :sigh: I have filled in the forms that I need to fill in, and have sent an email to my sisters advising them of the text for the invitation, I have found the jacket that I will wear for the reception in Bandung. Now, I just need to find the suit to wear for the reception in Surabaya, and all of the necessary accessories. Wedding is an expensive affaire, for sure!

In three weeks, I will be flying to Indonesia – my last flight as a single man. 😯  So yeah, let the countdown begin!

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