Looking like a boiled crab


There’s a saying in Indonesia if somebody sees you looking flushed, they will say that you look like ‘a boiled crab’. Well, I had only checked what I looked like before I took my evening shower and the face staring back at me did look like a boiled crab. :O I don’t look as bad as the picture above, but still I look as if I had just drunk a whole bottle of wine. Haha. 😀

Hallett Cove Beach - Adelaide, SA
Hallett Cove Beach - Adelaide, SA

I went to Hallett Cove Beach with the folks from church to have a little bit of a Christmas celebration – without any Christmas carols, nor Christmas message. We did have our Kris Kringle together and had a good fellowship with one another, complete with some barbeque and some scrumptious Indonesian meal. It’s the best of both worlds – Indonesian and Australian. It’s kind of fitting that we celebrated our early Christmas this year informal and at the beach. We do usually celebrate Christmas early in late November, before the students head back to Indonesia and other parts of Australia for their holiday. In the past, we generally had our service and celebration evening – with some performances, choirs, the whole lot! This year, because we had our 10th anniversary celebration earlier this year, we thought we’d have a lowkey Christmas celebration at the beach. Very Australian indeed!

So we met in the city at 10.00am, but we ended up starting our service at 1.00pm, because many people got lost and didn’t know how to reach Hallett Cove Beach. Some just came late, as usual *grin*. After the service, we had our late lunch – as mentioned previously. It was a bit of a pity that we didn’t have any Christmas carol, or any Christmasy stuff that we have here in Australia – like minced pies, poppers, and the likes. We had rice, yellow rice, Menadonese spicy chicken, pork satay, gado-gado, and of course some barbequed sausage and onion. We were a bit worried about the weather at the beginning because it rained last night and it was still a bit showery and cold this morning – however, the sun shone through and the clouds dissipated so we had a great time down at the beach. It did rain for a bit when we were preparing our lunch but then it stopped again, replaced by warm sunshine and blue sky. Very nice indeed!

After lunch, some of the folks played soccer whilst some just enjoyed taking some photos and walking along the beach. At the end of the afternoon, we also did our Kris Kringle – I got a set of three festive candle votives. Very nice as I do like candles! 🙂 There were a lot of laughters and silly comments because some of the folks just received gifts that were quite unsuitable for them. We didn’t have names assigned to each one of us – we got our gift through random selection. Thankfully I like mine and I didn’t get a big doll or a bottle of ladies’ perfume. Hehehe.

Stan Walker, Australian Idol
Stan Walker, Australian Idol

I chose to head home afterwards – and by then it was already around 6.00pm. Vito (a friend from church) and I made a detour to Glenelg to have some coffee at Cibo as he wanted to have an eye-opener before he did his assignment. We both had affogato, and then he dropped me home on the way to the uni. I was tired, but because I still needed to do some housework, I did my laundry while watching Australian Idol (Stan Walker won, by the way – he totally deserves it!). I then watched some more telly before I took my shower – which was when I discovered that I looked like a boiled crab. I have put some lotion on my face and I hope I still don’t look ridiculous tomorrow. 😛

Well, as I am totally tired, I’m going to head to bed … Good night, world!

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