A moment to exhale


It has been quite an unusual week this week with several unusual issues to handle at work – I really can’t divulge them here but they have left me a bit weary. It’s not all doom and gloom though as I’m still enjoying the challenges thrown at me. This afternoon, after a meeting in town with the Managing Director and one of my team members, Rory. Rory and I decided to stay in town for a coffee and a chat – we also met Ben, a former colleague who is now a good friend as well. We finished coffee at 5pm because Ben needed to head home and gave his baby a bath, besides he was feeling a bit tired because of the weather as well. I headed home as well, and decided to use the ‘extra’ time to water the frontyard and the backyard – something that I haven’t done for ages because of my activities and my involvement with the church during the weekend.

Don’t get me wrong – I continue to water my trees but I must admit that I did neglect the frontyard and the backyard. I discovered that the frontyard were looking poorly – there were cracks in the soil that would probably lead me to the northern hemisphere if I weren’t careful. 😛 So I watered the trees and the grass as well this time, in preparation for the hot weather tomorrow. The weather forecast says that it’s going to be 43C tomorrow – way too hot for November! We have been having some hot days last week, and we only had our respite yesterday and today. It’s still Spring technically but it feels like Summer already! Thankfully after tomorrow, we will have cooler days in the 20’s. Thankfully the South Australian government have also allowed us to water everyday now, maximum five hour in a week. We are still not allowed to use sprinklers, but at least I can water my plants everyday if I want to.

I also use the time to tinker around with my blog layout as well – I haven’t done it for a looong time. The design that I created last year did allow my blog to look relatively fresh longer, due to the rotating headers and some dynamic contents, however I was getting a bit antsy as I wanted to change things here and there. I have now included a random post segment that would bring you to one moment in the past – and moved some items around just so that the page wouldn’t look too cluttered. I hope you don’t mind the changes! 🙂

So, those mundane activities gave me a moment to exhale and to forget work for a while and to enjoy my day. It gives me great pleasure to see my trees growing and responding to the care that I give them – everytime I see new leaves coming out, I am thankful that they are giving me a chance and decide not to die on me. 🙂 Hehe.

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