Back to Asia …

It feels a little bit funny to be back in Changi again – although it was only seven months ago that I was here when I was transitting between Europe and Australia. The airport seems changed – it’s good to be back here and experience Singapore and Indonesia’s excitement and idiosyncracies …

I’m currently waiting for the connecting flight from Singapore to Jakarta – so far so good. On the way to Singapore, I watched two movies, Volver and Don’t Worry, I’m Fine … (A French movie whose original title I can’t remember). I enjoyed both movies really well. I’ll write more about them if I have the time.

Well, I’m off to wander around in Changi – I’m sure I will write more about my trip and the aftermath of the big flood that happened in Jakarta earlier this month. Ahhhhh, to experience homecooking again!!! 🙂 😛 *major drool*

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