Tanti baci doppo (Many Kisses Later)


Tanti baci doppo (Many Kisses Later) or released in Italy as Ex is a movie about relationships and couples and the days that follow after you fall in love and have that first kiss. It tells about Elisa, whose former boyfriend, Lorenzo, ends up being the priest who is assigned to bless her marriage to Corrado; as well as Davide, a jealous policeman who follows his ex’s new boyfriend around, among others.

This is a light movie about relationships – some turn to intense hatred, some continue to soldier on, and for some others, they discover about their love too late – it feels like the Italian answer to Love Actually. The film is very funny in parts, touching in others, and perfect to watch with your loved one. I watched it on my own, sitting amongst giggling ladies – not the most ideal of a setting, but I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. 🙂 A nice change after three sombre movies from the festival!


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