Yaaaawn! Good night world!

It’s a public holiday today in South Australia – Labour Day. Only those in ACT, SA and NSW have their day-off today, other states have different dates for their Labour Day holiday. I didn’t go anywhere today – I opted to spend the day at home, relaxing and doing some housework. While I didn’t get to finish what I planned to do, I managed to do quite a lot: I changed the aquarium water (all fish are alive and accounted for!), fertilised the trees in my backyard and frontyard, pruned my grapevines, and so on. I also did two batches of laundry and finished washing my dishes (don’t ask! Haha). I have also reduced some clutters and thrown away stuff that I don’t use anymore. It’s during my de-cluttering effort that I came across the Fu Yung Hai recipe that I printed some time ago. All in all, it’s been a really productive day. Now that we have our Daylight Saving, I plan to do more housework during the evenings, just to restore the order around the house.

It was due to the Daylight Saving that I ended up getting up really late today – the loss of one hour is still a bit difficult to manage when your body is still very alert, and yet you know that it’s already late. At least now we have more sunlight to enjoy at the end of the day! It was such a sweet thing to turn off my alarm this morning – the reminder on my iPhone also beeped me at 10.00 for my weekly staff meeting – which I could gladly ignore and return to my slumber. It’s always great to get up late. Hahaha.

So now, I’m ready to head off to bed – I’m getting sleepy and tired. Tomorrow, the week will start again – at least we will only have  a four-day working week. The bad thing is that all the work that needs to spread out over five days, should now be finished over four days! I hope you had a great day today!

Good night, world.

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