… and then there were three!

2 gnomes now!Guess what I found this morning when I stepped out from my house? Two more gnomes staring at me! I still don’t know who put the previous one in my front yard as well as who put these two as well. I still had a good chuckle when I saw them this morning but it’s rather bizarre, isn’t it? *grin*.

It’s 9.00pm now and I have just had my shower – it’s been a long day. The tension at work is like a pimple that’s ready to burst. We’re going to have a big announcement tomorrow about the restructuring at work and today we had a glimpse on what would be communicated tomorrow. The announcement tomorrow will be kept at a high level, and the details will follow later on. My area is still in limbo at the moment, and whilst my job security is good, I still don’t have a clear idea where I’m going to end up in. I can feel a tough fight in the future.

Today was also the first day that I went to work after the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) Summer School that I attended in The Vines Resort, Swan Valley, Perth. I spent 2 nights over there, networking and discussing the role of marketing intelligence in business strategy. It was good to meet my peers from both the research-buyers’ side as well as the research-suppliers’ side. I got to speak a lot too and voice out my opinion and experience in the field. A CEO of a major research company in Sydney passed me his business card, in case I wanted to look him up, he said. Hmmmmm … should I treat it as a potential job offer? 🙂 It was quite a hard slog though, because we had a full on schedule so I didn’t get the chance to have a proper look of Perth and its attractions. I did go to the city on the second day, sharing a cab with two guys from Synovate. I walked around Hay Street Mall, and took some pictures of the new Bell Tower – nothing flashy actually, but still, it’s a proof that I have been to Perth. Hehehehe. 😀 Next time I should do a proper tour of Perth, Fremantle and its environs.

Oh, I got invited to speak at ‘Customer Analytics’ conference organised by IQPC again … Good for the CV, I suppose … 🙂

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  1. Aha…..u hv extra guardian angels…..or….is it a girl who is trying to attract your attention???

    Gosh when I read ur situation, I kind of relieve I’m out of that but I just know how it feels in your stomach….no wonder u had a bad stomach last time probably its from the stress….Take aloe vera drinks ry, it really helps when ur stomach is in trouble.

    BTW I fully support your exploration for the potential job in Sydney…..at least by the time we move there I have one more precious friend!!! so go ahead explore……….

  2. Come to think of it, they are the 7 dwarfs of Snow White!!!….so if u r lucky there will be 4 more to come!

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