Dinner Menu: Cereal at 9pm

Cranberry Almond CrunchIt’s nearly 9pm and I’ve just finished my bowl of cereal – I don’t really have a good dietary habit, unfortunately! 😛 I don’t feel like cooking but my stomach felt a wee bit funny. It has been feeling rather strange after I had my lunch at Knoodle Junction in the city :mrgreen: .

I thought I might as well have some breakfast cereal to settle down my upset tummy. I wish they would sell Post’s Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal here in Australia – the first time I had it was when I went to San Francisco in 2001 and it was dee-lee-cee-ous! I found it in Singapore as well when I returned – alas, they only sell local brands in Australia. The closest that I can find over here is Sanitarium’s Granola Clusters. They taste great too – almost like cereals for grown-ups. 🙂 Fear not, jBløg is not sponsored by any breakfast cereal companies – I just thought I’d mention about the cereal that I like! 😎

I’m listening again to AVRO Klassiek – this time I’ve chosen the AVRO Klassiek Film webradio. They’re playing John Barry’s ‘You are Karen’ from Out of Africa soundtrack – a magnificent piece of music, one of John Barry’s finest …

Well, I think I’m going to take an ‘early’ shower and head to bed early! I have an early meeting tomorrow at 9.00am with my boss and I can’t be late!

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  1. Hi Ry!, at last the internet is back, its been down for a week……My children school is closed again today due to heavy rain, thunders since 4 am…and in some are water has inundated the street…..Ah well this is Jakarta. I felt very gloomy the same as the weather and especially for those people that I know who are going thru hard times due to the flood……

    I can’t contact my friend in pulomas, her house must have been floded, her hp is not on…I don’t know where she is and her family.

    How are your sisters? After the flood comes the tough time cleaning the mud ……

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