I had been looking forward to this movie for a while after seeing the trailer a couple of months ago. I heard so many good things about it that made me quite intrigued to see whether those comments were true. My friends and I went to the VMAX theatre in Westfield Marion because I suggested to them that it would be better to watch the 3D version. So how was it? It was awesome! Pixar has really done it this time.

Up‘ is a story about Carl Fredericksen and Ellie – they were childhood sweethearts who loved to explore. After Ellie passed away, Carl wanted to fulfil their dream of visiting ‘Paradise Falls’ in South America (“It’s like America, only south!”). He attached hundreds of balloons on his house and flew away down south … he inadvertently brought along a boyscout named Russell, an Asian-American whose soul aim at that time was to get a badge for helping a senior. Together, they had to survive the jungles and away from a determined adventurer who wanted to pursue them.

The movie will appeal to the young ones as well as to the adults – it’s melancholy, it’s sweet, it’s funny and the animation is fantastic. It’s refreshing to see an Asian-American character blended into the story without the stereotypical accent or characteristics. Russell is just so adorable as a boy that his racial background is no longer relevant. The story mixes childhood fantasy (speaking animals, balloons) with adult sensibility (we’re led to believe that Russell’s parents are divorced and that his dad is no longer present in his life). At some points the movie is so touching that I even got teary eyed. Haha. I nearly cried but no, I didn’t. 🙂 The movie has a story that we all have our own adventures to make – we just need to follow our dreams and make them happen.





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