Like good, but better …

Not having my music on the way to work was actually not that bad. It also meant that I get to notice my surrounding more. While waiting for my second bus to work, I noticed a billboard in Victoria Square. It shows the map of South Australia with a slogan of ‘Like Good, but Better‘ above it. So you could understand the context as well, ‘Heaps Good’ is written on the map, similar to the image above.

The usage of ‘heaps’ as a replacement for ‘very’ or ‘lots’ is quite prevalent here in Adelaide. Instead of saying ‘very good’, you would say ‘heaps good’ or instead of saying ‘there are lots of people there’, you could say ‘there are heaps of people there’.

The image of South Australian map with the ‘Heaps Good’ written on it burst into the scene a couple of years ago, when tshirts with the image started appearing in the city. You can say that it’s our low-key defense against those from the eastern seabord who love to make disparaging remarks about Adelaide. 🙂

The government must’ve worked together with the group who developed the original concept and used it for their campaign. The website is actually very informative and amusing – full of local gems that I don’t know about – have a visit:

Heaps smart, I’d say.

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