It’s just amazing to realise how attached you can be to inanimate objects. I accidentally left my earphones at the office so I couldn’t listen to my music on the way home from work. I also dread not being able to have any soundtrack to my journey to work tomorrow. I ended up fiddling around with my iPhone on the way home – checking my Facebook profile as well as playing FloodIt on my phone. Yes, I’m one of the millions of people, travelling and walking around with two white plastic wires dangling down our ears like two life support cables – anaesthesising ourselves against the outside world.

I remember being asked by a friend of mine whether I was addicted to my iPhone – I answered negatively. She said that her boyfriend continuously fiddled around with his iPhone. Admittedly, I am quite attached to my iPhone. After converting to iPhone in 2008, I don’t think I can switch back to Nokia. I’m so used to the touchscreen now, the pinching and scrolling, and the numerous applications that I can download from the AppStore – from picking the nearest restaurant to playing Sheep Launcher on the phone. 🙂 You can say that I have a form of i-Tachment. 🙂 It would’ve been worse had I left my phone at the office! 😮 Thanks to my iPhone, I read less now in the bus – I usually play my music while checking Facebook or just keeping busy playing with the games that I downloaded from the AppStore. So thanks to my iPhone, I have a growing number of unreads and half-reads on my bookshelves.

I also have a peculiar habit in playing my music – I set my iPhone to shuffle my songs when I listen to them with the rationale of ‘It’s like listening to a radio station, playing all the songs that I love’. Well, who am I trying to kid? 🙂 Everytime when I play my music, I would skip tracks and end up playing the same songs over and over again, trying to find one that I love from the ones that iTunes pick at random.

So, spare a thought for me – I’m without my beloved Sennheiser CX500 tonight. Of course I can use my original iPhone earphones, but once you’ve tried Sennheiser earphones, you can’t go back to any other brands (within comparative price range!). I tried Sony’s high-end earphones before only to feel extremely disappointed (this was after my Sennheiser CX300 fell apart after years of faithful service).

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