It’s Monday evening here in Adelaide, and the change that was promised this morning finally came in late afternoon. Adelaide sweltered yesterday, reaching 41.2C – today the temperature reached 38C. Much too hot for me – I can’t wait for Autumn, and yet, isn’t it funny that you want time to pass faster when you feel uncomfortable and inconvenienced, but at the same time, you don’t want to face the fact that by the time you have reached the point that you wished for earlier, you have also foregone another chunk of your youth and made another step closer to your old age?

It was a funny day today at work – we are facing a major structural change across the company in the coming weeks. I was told where I would be going weeks ago, but several things have changed since then, and now I’m not so sure where I would be doing after the restructuring and what I would be doing. I told my boss’s secretary that it wasn’t so much the change that I disliked, but it was more of the uncertainty. I would like to get it over and done with … The big corporate-wide announcement will be made on February 13th and the impact on a department by department basis will be done afterwards.


On my way home, I pondered about my predicament – I’m a thinker and a ponderer, I can’t help it – I then related my situation to my personal vision for this year. I believe that my personal vision for the year is taken from Deuteronomy 32:11-12 “As an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young, spreading out its wings, taking them up, carrying the on its wings, so the Lord alone led him, and there was no foreign god with him.” (NKJV) I am so thankful that I was given this vision before I started the year – because the verses have spoken to me many a time now. When an eagle chick is stirred from the nest and falls out, it does not have a choice whether it falls to the right or the left. It does not have a choice whether the actual descent will take 5 seconds or 1 minute – all the chick is feeling is the rush of wind and the fear that it will meet its ultimate end … and then … when everything seems futile, a sudden swoosh comes through, the eagle has swooped down to carry the chick on the wings. At times now, I feel like the chick, I have been stirred up from several of my comfort zones, and I have to experience not having the ability to know or predict the next 10 steps forward … I have to learn that God will not let me fall. The swoop of His wings will come before I fall down. Not just in my work situation, but also in several areas in my life that need a little bit of stirring …

Flood in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Flood in Kelapa gading, North Jakarta

On a separate note, I am listening to a wonderful internet radio from the Netherlands – it’s playing great classical music and you can listen to the music through iTunes or any MP3 players of your choice that can play a .pls file — Avro Klassiek. The website has several other streams that may fit your taste better – it has a soundtrack stream which I like as well. Well, as it is nearly 11pm, it’s time for me to close my blog entry for the day and head to the bathroom and get ready to wrap up Monday. But before I do that, I feel sorry for my family back in Indonesia, especially my third sister — she and her whole family had to evacuate her house and stayed with my second sister’s family because of the flood in Jakarta. Apparently the water reached up to 1.2m in some places … Kelapa Gading, the area where my sister lives in, is a well-known residential area in the north of Jakarta. It was reclaimed from marshland and paddy-fields and because of that, it is prone to flooding in recent times … I hope that the water will recede soon … *sigh*. It’s ironic as well that there is too much water in Jakarta and in northern Queensland, but in South Australia, we are screaming for more rain … the land is so parched at the moment. My backyard is looking pretty sad – my Japanese maple is toasted and the wall is cracked in some places due to the lack of moisture in the soil. Ah well … c’est la vie!

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