Brisbane: Plastic-wrapped sofa of a town

My soon-to-be ex-colleague, Ben mentioned that he always felt a bit uneasy about Brisvegas (the nickname for Brisbane) – according to him, Brisbane had all the potentials to be a beautiful city, but everything was done so wrongly. I only visited Brisbane once in 2003 and that was just a fleeting trip – as soon as I stepped out of the airport, I took a train to the city and then took another train to Cooroy to attend my friends’ wedding. So I couldn’t really agree or disagree with his view prior to my trip yesterday. I jokingly said that perhaps Brisbane was like a beautiful sofa, but the owner decided to keep the plastic wrap – beautiful but very kitschy. We went to Brisbane to meet one of our clients, after which we had some time to wander around and explore the city a bit. We ended up walking from Milton to the city, about 2.6km – it didn’t feel long because we had a great conversation while we strolled.

We walked to Queen Street Mall and then had lunch nearby – there was a Farmers Market in the square and it certainly brought a great atmosphere to the environment. I now know that they have it every Wednesday – what a great timing for me to be in Brisbane when the market is on!  The smell of freshly baked French bread mingled with the calls of the vendors, trying to sell their wares. I couldn’t resist the French pastries, so even after a good lunch, I had to have dessert as well. Haha. 🙂 We then walked along Queen Street Mall – it was packed with office workers, passers-by and tourists; certainly much more ‘alive’ than Adelaide. Despite the difference in characters, Australian cities are inherently similar – there’s always a pedestrian mall, and most if not all, has a Myer as well.

I must say that I disagree slightly with Ben – I quite like Brisbane, even though it’s just another characterless big city. I still prefer Melbourne’s moodiness over all of other Australian cities bar Adelaide. So how would I describe Adelaide? Well, it is a major struggle to lure visitors to Adelaide because it lacks a major drawcard – Adelaide doesn’t have an Opera House, a grand Yarra River, or a big plaza. Adelaide may not necessarily be a good city to visit, but it’s a great place to live in.

Adelaide is like your favourite nightshirt – it may not be the best looking and it may be the butt of the your spouse’s jokes, but by golly, it’s so comfortable! 🙂

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