The September Issue

I received a free ticket to see The September Issue – I thought that this would be a “chick-flick” and that I wouldn’t enjoy it because I wasn’t much into fashion nor did I read Vogue. So I asked Yani to come along with me. Thank goodness that I was pleasantly mistaken about the movie, as I really enjoyed it a lot.

The movie provides a fascinating insight about Anna Wintour, the much revered fashion editor and the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, and how the team worked to prepare the September issue in 2007. Apparently Vogue’s September issue is THE edition to get every year – the holy guide to what people should wear to the year ahead. ‘The September Issue’ shows fashion in an artistic way and I certainly admire Grace Coddington‘s work after I saw some of her art direction in the movies.

‘The September Issue’ will inform and entertain those who are into fashion, into media, or just into the way a great brand is managed and marketed! It shows the business, the arts, the viciousness, the pretentiousness and the seriousness of fashion. Fascinating indeed, dahling.



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