Just another midweek melancholy

I’ve finished my Russian Caravan tea – a substitute for dinner tonight as I really can’t afford having more kilos piled on my body. I’m listening to Drawn from Memory, a track by a British band called Embrace. The first time I heard this song was in a Tower Records store in Singapore, in the year 2000. At that time, I had just moved from Jakarta, and was housed by Citibank in a serviced apartment in Scotts Road. Tower Records shops were still around at that time and there was a shop just across the road from the apartment. It’s a dangerous to tread down the memory lane, especially when I’m prone to feel melancholy from time to time! 🙂

Work is keeping me busy this week and I have started to leave the office late again for the past two days. I wish I could take a holiday somewhere and relax but I know I can’t do that. Too many things to do, plan, and consider! On a slightly positive note, I did send an email to the university last night – I have even received an email back. They wanted to catch up and talk about my interest. There’s no harm in meeting them, I suppose.

Well, just a short note today as I really don’t have anything profound to share. I don’t think I will need to stay at the office for too long tomorrow but you never know. I can’t wait for the weekend to come!

So much for solitude and spills from the mind
Romanticised as always
I cannot afford not to invest in myself
but I won’t let the world get you down

I won’t leave your side
I won’t leave your side

Same old, same old
This is the way the story goes
When I need me most, you need me more
The truth of it all is all around me I know
but it wasn’t like this before
Still, I won’t let you down
No, I won’t leave your side
I won’t let you down this time

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