The Second Wash

I’ve just hung my laundry and now it’s raining in earnest. At least there won’t be any washing powder white streak on my bedsheets or pillow cases. I took a punt by washing my bedsheets today because the weather forecast only mentioned that there would only be a light shower or two today and that it would moderate later on today. So no doubt, my sheets and pillow cases are soaking again thanks to the rain. Ah well.

It’s quite nice to listen to the pitter patter on the roof – I do need to get ready to church though and I hope I will have some time to go to the Mall and grab something to eat. I’m feeling very hungry at the moment, having only had a cup of coffee and a cup of mushroom soup for breakfast.  Unfortunately I don’t have any entertaining or insightful stuff to write this morning. I did have a blow-out last night with Yani because of a miscommunication – we’re both okay now. Some things are much better left unwritten … haha. Besides, this blog is not established to air my dirty laundry. Haha.

Happy Sunday all! Keep (warm / cool – choose whatever appropriate *grin*), and enjoy your day!

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