Sore throat, scotch fillets and statistics

I’m having a cup of tea to soothe my sore throat. I’ve had it since last week so I’ve been taking a lot of Strepsils and different types of mints to keep me from coughing too much. It’s the season, I suppose –  wherever I go, I hear so many sniffles, sneezes and coughs.

I had a good day today – I got up relatively late (well, very late actually – close to 11am!) because I felt really tired the previous day. It was a long day yesterday with the training on choice modelling. It was a good session with Tim Bock, although I felt as if I hadn’t got the whole picture. He did forewarn everybody that the session would cover discrete choice analysis only, and that it would only touch the design aspects of it very briefly. Because of time limitation, we had to rush it towards the end as well. I did learn good points from the session, which I can also share with my colleagues at work.

Something that was a bit amusing, I suppose – when researchers gathered together, beneath the joviality and the sense of camaraderie, there was a sense of guardedness and competition. I attended a Summer School in 2007, still as somebody from the client side and I encountered a lot more friendly chats and a lot more wooing from prospective companies. Now that I am one of them, I could also understand the rules of the game a little bit more. 🙂 As we gathered together, there would be some pointy comments hidden in friendly remarks and jokes – it’s as if one would say, “I’m more statistically significant than you!”. 🙂 There weren’t many participants from the client side at the session that I attended, maybe the topic just scared them off too much. It was a very cerebral session and the day was full of working with numbers and spreadsheets, with terms such as log likelihood, information criteria, and so forth.

I didn’t mingle a lot with the rest of the participants even though I did re-establish contact with a pragmatic presenter/researcher whose session I really enjoyed during the Summer School in 2007. After the class ended at 5.30pm, I rushed to the airport to catch my flight home at 6.55pm. I didn’t have time to explore the city as I had to rush to the airport. Thank God I managed to catch my flight even though there was a traffic jam from the city to the airport throughout! 😮 I suppose I could’ve stayed in Sydney for the weekend but for some reasons, Sydney and I don’t “click” with one another. Had the training been in Melbourne, I would’ve gladly stayed in for the weekend. I much prefer Melbourne to Sydney!

When I arrived in Adelaide last night, I contacted Yani and asked her where she and the rest of the group would be having their dinner. Vito then offered to pick me up from the airport so that I could join them for dinner, which I did at the end. We went to The East Taste Cafe at Gouger Street where I had my fried rice. Simple pleasure. 🙂 I went home afterwards because I was getting tired – and you know the rest. 🙂

Today, after I got up late, I went to the city, bought a large cup of Cibocino from Cibo, as usual (I’m such a creature of habit!) – I took the bus to my pastor’s house in St Georges. After the prayer meeting and the short counselling training session in the city (because we finished the prayer meeting late), we then went to The Astor in Pulteney Street for dinner. The T-Bone is pretty cheap over there, $10.90 – I opted to have the Scotch Fillet as I had a craving for a good steak. It was pretty good – it hit the spot really well. Yumm. We fooled around for a bit – all the ten of us – chatted and played with our phones, while some decided to play Uno on the table. After realising that there might be other potential diners who would want to use the table as well, we left and decided to go to Gelatissimo in Rundle Street for some dessert. I just had one-scoop of ice cream with a warm brownies. It was nice. 🙂

So all in all, it has been an activity-filled Saturday – time to head to bed and recharge myself. Sunday’s waiting!

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