Thank God for the weekend!

I had a great day today – spending a good deal of the day in the city. working outside of the city centre has made me appreciate the city a lot more.

After doing my laundry and then taking a cab to the city, I had a haircut at my usual hairdresser. As usual, Pete did a great job – I have had my hair cut by Pete for five years. He mentioned once that I must’ve been one of his first customers because he started working at his dad’s hairsalon five years ago as well. He’s an award-winning hairstylist now! Even though I could’ve waited for another week (I can’t stand having long hair and I usually have my hair cut every three weeks or four weeks), I decided to have it today because Pete would be going on a trip to Europe next week!

I still had plenty of time after I had my haircut until my weekly prayer meeting, so I stopped by Cibo in Rundle Mall and had a large Cibocino (a latté flavoured with hazelnut paste) – bellissimo! It was quite charming as well to watch an Italian customer conversing with the guy manning the booth, who also was of Italian ancestry. I wondered if the Cibo guy’s Italian was already Australian-accented and whether his Italian was the same as the Italian customer’s. Languages fascinate me! 🙂 I couldn’t stay there for too long to witness the interaction because they would’ve thought that I was some kind of weirdo so I left.

I thought about having some donuts, but decided to have lunch instead – chicken burger from Oporto – a treat that I can’t have out yonder in Marden. It was an enjoyable lunch, after which I wandered around Rundle Mall, just soaking in the activities before I headed over to the Word bookstore for our weekly prayer meeting. Unfortunately the people came really late so we didn’t have any prayer meeting at the end – we went straight to the Counselling Training at 3.30pm. We finished at five o’clock, after which we went to Chinatown for dinner. We had Indian food for a change, over at Maya. I had a good experience there once, however my meal today was a bit average unfortunately 🙁 I had a much better experience over at Bollywood in Leigh Street. Their food is more flavoursome. I don’t get to eat at Indian restaurants a lot in Adelaide because a lot of my Indonesian friends don’t like Indian food that much – we always end up eating either Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Same-o, same-o every week.

The rest of the gang still wanted to watch a DVD somewhere but I had to go home because I still had to prepare a clip for church tomorrow. So, that was what I had been doing in the evening – working on my macbook, preparing for a farewell clip for some members of our congregation who will be going home to Indonesia next week. I want to get up a wee bit earlier tomorrow, if I can – and do some gardening. The frontyard needs a serious weeding as the soursops have started to overtake the yard again. Argh! Hopefully I can do that before I head off to church.

This weekend will be another low-key weekend for me, but thank God for the weekend nevertheless! Yay! 🙂

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