This time last year …

This time last year, I was in the Lofoten, Norway soaking in the rugged and beautiful view around me. I love the place a lot and can’t say it often enough. The isolation, the ruggedness, and the peace seemed to reach far deep within. Of course, I would probably grumble a lot had I gone there in the middle of winter. Lofoten is truly a glorious place on earth. The image here is a life webcam snapshot of Reine, a beautiful quaint village in the Lofoten islands. I had my first taste of whale beef in Reine! I don’t know when I will ever return to the Lofoten – it’s quite expensive to travel up north and Scandinavian countries are quite costly to visit. It’s quite unfortunate that I have such a deep fondness for Norway! Hehe.

Talking about Norway, I thought I’d include a clip from Youtube – the song is a combination of three songs. The first one is sung by Arve Moen Bergset, Bukkene Bruse’s lead singer – when he was young (14 years old), the second one is an instrumental song by Bukkene Bruse, with the third also by Bukkene Bruse, with Arve Moen Bergset’s vocal. I love Bukkene Bruse’s music. Whenever I listen to their songs and close my eyes, I could almost smell the rich wooden smell inside Norwegian houses and the creak of the wooden floor …

I’m having a cup of Lapsang Souchong with milk, in my faint attempt to ward off the cold. It’s a cold evening here in Adelaide – it’s currently 7.8C and the minimum is expected to be 5C tomorrow morning. I’m still feeling a bit flat, I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m on the verge of burning out – I haven’t felt like going to work for the past two days and I had to reach deep to get some motivation out to get up and just face the day. I’m taking a time-in-lieu day next week before I attend a training on Friday on “Analysing discrete choice experiments: a primer” – sounds heavy, eh? 🙂

I left work at 5.30pm sharp, and then I stopped by in the city to do some grocery shopping (well, more like a tub of milk, some biscuit, instant soup, and some chocolate … hahaha). I also stopped by KFC afterwards because I felt like having some hot and spicy fillets – yeah, I know, not healthy at all but I wanted a pick-me-up!

I will probably head off to bed early tonight – maybe a good sleep is all I need.

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