Parting is such sweet sorrow

After the heavy Korean Barbecue for dinner last night, I had another feast again tonight. I went to Ps. Mardi Payow and Ibu Keke’s house after work for their farewell dinner as well as for a Family Altar gathering. They will be leaving Adelaide for good next week, after spending two years in Adelaide. Ibu Keke has finally finished her Master degree. I didn’t feel like going at first because I felt a bit flat and I just wanted to have some time on my own. I thought I would be really late as well – I finished work at 5.30pm and the gathering was scheduled for 6.00pm, and my office is way far from where they live. Rory gave me a ride to the city because she had an appointment in Rundle Street, and from the city, I went with Vito to Oaklands Park – where the Payows live.

The food was excellent but I didn’t eat a lot because I don’t eat a lot of pork and I don’t like duck, so I only had some chicken, some fried noodle and some vegetable stirfry. My friends said that the duck was really nice, I just had to take their word for it. 🙂

Coping with farewells is a way of life here in Adelaide, especially because I hang around students. They come and go – taking the friendship afar to different corners of the world. Some folks at church who aren’t that used to saying goodbyes still get upset having to see people off. I learned my lessons years ago from where I stayed at the International Student Residence in Hampstead Centre. By the time I got really friendly and close with the exchange students from the Netherlands and Germany, it would be time for them to leave. I still keep in touch with some of them, but I have lost contact with most, unfortunately. It pained me at first, but now I take it as a part of my life’s experience. It’s nice to know that you have friends all over Indonesia and all over the world – Facebook helps a lot too. 🙂

It would be nice to catch up with old friends and see how life has shaped them!

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