Meat, glorious meat

I left work relatively early today (well, 5.45pm) because I had finished what I had set to do – things have quietened down considerably in the last couple of days so I thought I should take advantage of this before I get busy again!

Yani called me earlier and said that a group of the youth from church wanted to go to Korean BBQ in Chinatown and I agreed to that. She was a bit surprised, since I’m usually quite reclusive during weekdays. Haha. It was a great meal – there were eight of us and we had a good laugh while cooking the meat, talking about nonsense. I ate *heaps* – chilli chicken, chilli beef, and other edible wonders. Hehe. I suppose hanging around with students and youth keeps me young *grin*. My colleagues couldn’t believe me when I told them that I would be 37 this year. They thought that I was only around 29 or 30 – well, I suppose if they didn’t know about my work experience and I just had a good haircut, I would’ve probably looked 27 or 28. Hahaha. 😆

Because of the cooking and the meat though, I smelled like a walking satay. Even after I had a shower at home, I can still faintly smell the meat around me … urgh. :mrgreen:

It was a fitting night-out as well to celebrate a mini-Spring weather that Adelaide has been having. The weather for the past two days has been glorious! 21.7C maximum yesterday and 19.8C maximum today! It’s going to be windy and showery tomorrow though, with the maximum temperature back to a more wintery level (16C).

Apart from that, life goes on as normal here – nothing much to write about. I finally changed my aquarium water yesterday – thank God that the fish forgave me for neglecting them for a month. I hadn’t changed the water for a month or even longer! I do feed them every day, but it was a wonder that none got sick or even died. Initially I was a bit annoyed because the water surface was covered by a layer of duckweed (small plants that look like specks of green leaves). However, after reading some sites, I realised that the duckweed had actually helped to neutralise the nitrates and keep the nutrients level down in the water. That was why they grew like crazy because they had been absorbing the nutrients. Besides, they also blocked any potential green algae growth. Nevertheless, the aquarium is looking spick and span now – I did take out my water fern plant because it was growing berserk. Time to change the aquarium landscape!

*sigh* No wonder I won’t be able to have a dog while I’m still working at the current company. Going home at 7.00pm everyday will only make my dog crazy!

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