An extra-long day …

What a long day! :O I only left the office at 10.15pm, helping my workmates finalising a report for a client. The last time I had something similar was way back when I was still at Citibank in Jakarta! I had planned to leave work way earlier but I decided to stay in and help around. I would’ve felt guilty leaving my team member having to handle the issue alone. By 8.30pm, there were only three of us working on the report – thank goodness Rory offered to drop me in the city afterwards. The bad news is that I left my umbrella in her car! 🙁

July is meant to be a quiet period for the company but I haven’t really felt that – the whole team might be less stressful for one or two days, and then the intensity and the stress level return again. I suppose I should be thankful that I’m still employed and busy in the middle of the global financial crisis! 🙂

On a better note, my boss told me that I could have around two days in lieu, so at least I can have a long weekend here and there! Nice!

It wasn’t raining in the city when I got there but the streets were deserted already and the bus didn’t come on time. I had to wait for about 20 minutes before my bus came – it wasn’t my normal bus as it had stopped running at 9.15pm.  When I stopped in Anzac Highway however, it started to drizzle again, so unfortunately I had to walk home in the rain. It wasn’t heavy but enough to dampen things up. Haha. I decided to stop by the servo on the way home because I was starving as well – so for dinner, I had a big bacon and cheese sausage roll. It complemented my ‘healthy’ lunch nicely – a large meatlover pizza from the Pizza Hut nearby. Haha.

At least I’m home now – I’m too tired to do anything at the moment, so I’m just going to brush my teeth, wash my face and hit the sack. Another working day will start in approximately nine hours! Whoa!

On a different note, yesterday was my first anniversary with Yani — for those who thought that we had a romantic dinner or something, well, unfortunately we didn’t. Yani’s sick and I’ve been inundated under tonnes of work lately, as you know. So the celebration will need to be postponed until the weekend – a dinner for two is planned. 🙂

Well, time to head to bed and sleep! Good night, world!


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