Un gnome mystérieux

Guess what I found this morning when I stepped out to go to work? A gnome in my front yard, strategically positioned to greet me as I walked out from my front door! I had a good chuckle as I really didn’t know who put it there! 😀 Such an unusual and interesting experience! Hahahaha. I’m not the type of person who decorates the garden with gnomes and stuff like that – but the little red gnome looks alright in the porch next to the spiderwort plant now. Hahahaha.

The mysterious gnome

I got home early today because a guy from ETSA wanted to do the electricity meter reading at 4.30pm – so I sacrificed my lunch hour and got out of work at 3.50pm. The friggin’ 241 bus that was supposed to arrive at 3.50pm didn’t come (or maybe came earlier), so I had to wait until the 4.20pm for the next bus. I called Martin, the guy who would be doing the reading and advised him that I was delayed in the city and that I would arrive about 4.40pm. However, the bus came lateat 4.30pm so I arrived even later. He was still there waiting, thankfully!

Anyway, I’m so hungry now – the rice is cooking in the background. I’m going to it with the Ingham chicken nuggets – very nutritious, I know 🙄 … hahaha. Afterwards, I’m going to watch the premiere of ‘Heroes‘ on Channel 7! Yaay!

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  1. Aha…an angel drop by in your frontyard……

    BTW have u had a chance to watch Ghost Whisperer?…..its a nice movie though some scenes are quiet jolting experience….but the stories are very touchy, I guess I’m relating it to inner wound again. If you die without solving your inner wounds or some matters with your love ones, your soul will be earthbound and I do believe in that.

    Hv a good evening and t’mrw is FRIDAY!!!!

  2. Yes – TGIF! ❗

    We had ‘Ghost Whisperer’ last year here in AU and I do like the series. The second season is yet to start – yes, I have resolved the inner wounds, Lucia. 🙂 And no, I won’t end up an ‘earthbound’ spirit … hehehe.

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