What a wooly day!

I used to romanticise about Winter when I was still living in the Tropics – I told my friends that I had missed the feel of cold bathroom tiles on a Winter’s morning, or getting dressed in coat and scarf to keep me warm. Well, I do enjoy wearing my scarf and coat to work – there’s something about the cooler weather that allows you to dress smarter. However, I digress!

Well, the romanticised notion of Winter is long dead. I certainly don’t enjoy the feel of cold bathroom tiles on my feet in the morning nor the feel of cold, or even slightly damp, towel on my body right after a nice refreshing shower. Unfortunately I don’t have heated bathroom floor like what they have up there in Norway, or a heated towel rack. It’s so hard to get up in the morning when you’re all wrapped up under your doona, feeling cozy and warm! :zzz:

The Bureau of Meteorology warned us that it would be a windy and showery day and boy was it windy! The wind gushed through the city in mid-morning and even toppled an unladen truck near the Airport, crashing onto two cars parked nearby. Whoa! 😯 It also uprooted several trees and brought down some stobie poles near the coastlines. The Bureau of Meteorology website says that it will continue to be windy tomorrow so I will still need to rug up!

When I arrived home, I had a slight suspicion that the wind had also blown off the pilot flame in my water heater. I thought I should check rather than discovering it tonight or tomorrow morning when I’m already in my birthday suit, about to jump into the shower. I was right – the pilot flame had been blown off. Grrr. It’s almost like an annual activity – The Blowing-off of the Pilot Flame – followed by The Bumbling Guy Trying to Light the Pilot Flame Again. I don’t have a manual to the water heater because it was already installed when I bought the house in 2005, so just like the previous years, I tried to ascertain what button did what, while trying to keep the my matchstick alight so that the pilot flame can be relit. Thankfully I didn’t have to waste any matchsticks this time – I used my gas ignitor to relight my water heater’s pilot flame.

So, no, I’ve gone waaay past romanticising about Winter. Just give me a cool and crisp Autumn’s Day anyday … 🙂

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