Spinvis Zaterdag


I’m still in my tshirt and sarong and having my second Moccona coffee in my Foghorn Leghorn mug, whilst listening to the Spinvis CD that I bought in Fame music store in Kalverstraat, Amsterdam in 2006. The heater is nearby, quietly and reliably doing its job warming my naked legs. Haha. I’m in a Dutch mood today – missing Europe at the moment.

I like my Spinvis CD, even though I don’t understand 100% of the lyrics. I sent a song over to my friend Sjoerd after I bought it but he thought that it was rubbish … hahaha. Well, perhaps it was also because of the shop attendant’s beautiful piercing brown eyes that made me agree to buy the CD. 😉 Nevertheless, I like it. 🙂 It’s nice to have some European atmosphere to the house, especially in a moody Saturday morning such as today. The sun is out for a couple of minutes before hidden behind thick layer of clouds, and then peering through again from time to time. Very European indeed. Hehe.

I have included two Spinvis tracks that I found in Youtube here … Bagagedrager and Astronaut. Tell me what you think … *grin*.

Spinvis is also accompanied by the domestic kachunk-kachunk sound of my washing machine, playing its weekly symphony. Lately it’s sounding a bit more off-key though, I hope it will survive longer because I can’t afford buying another washing machine! I bought it second-hand from a store in Port Road in 2003 when I moved to Australia. I will need to take a shower soon and begin my day. At 1pm, I will have my weekly training in Basic Christian Counselling and then at 4pm a prayer meeting at my pastor’s house in St Georges and then at 6pm singing practice for church tomorrow. It’ll be quite a full-on day today but at least I enjoyed waking up later today! 🙂

News websites are still inundated with the news of Jackson’s death and I’m sure it will provide a lot of fodder for the coming weeks to those eager to know more. I’m tuning out already – there are a lot of more significant things happening in the world at the moment, surely they are more newsworthy?

Have a great weekend, all! Stay warm, or stay cool – wherever you are … and don’t forget to smile! 🙂

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