What a day!

I thought I would start the day quite pleasantly – I knew I would be having a busy day but I wasn’t totally prepared for such a hectic day. It started with not having coffee at home because I ran out of Moccona. I had a cup of Lapsang Souchong instead and took the bus to the city and onwards to the office. I had to shift what I planned to do in the morning because I had to supply more information and fix some of the errors that I did. There are only two of us at the moment manning the research and analysis area so when things are busy, we can be like headless chooks servicing the consultants as well as other stakeholders.

Because of that as well, I started to make silly little mistakes – it frustrated me when I discovered that I made them, because I wished I hadn’t been that silly to miss some details here and there. The manner in which the error was communicated to me was pretty direct as well, so I had to cop it on the chin. Well, I did make that mistake. I ended up staying until 7.40pm – my record so far, because I had to do what I planned to accomplish in the morning. By then my brain was already fried, so I had to push it again to tomorrow morning. I don’t like working in a tense atmosphere because it sucks the energy out of you and it makes achieving your objectives doubly hard. I was very tired when I got home today – especially since I’m also battling the onset of a cold. Aaaargh!

What happened today set the week on a peculiar start – I just hope things will get better tomorrow and for the rest of the week! At least we have passed the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere now – where the day is the shortest and the night is the longest.

Bring on the longer days — one day closer to the end of the Global Financial Crisis, one can only hope!

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  1. It’s Wednesday today .. here’s a prayer that your days and your health are getting better. God bless you.

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