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It’s been a while since I last updated my blog – and if I have to pinpoint the single reason, I just can’t find any, really. It’s a combination of work, being caught in a daily routine, and The Sims 3. Yeap, you read it right – I installed The Sims 3 earlier this week and I was roped in successfully into the game. Hook, line, and sinker. One evening I even stayed up until 2am, knowing full well that it was a weekday! (I had a later start the following day because I had a meeting scheduled in the city at 9.30am so I thought I could stay up a little bit later but still …). 😳 I also stayed up on Friday night until 4am because I was playing it until the wee hours. It reminded me back of my ‘younger years’ in mid 1990’s when I stayed up until 2am, either chatting with my friends in the US, or playing a computer game or two – at that time I was still living with my third sister’s family in Jakarta. I had the energy to stay up late, and then went to work in the morning and returned home at 8.00pm – day in, day out.

The Sims 3, if you’re not aware, is a game where you control the destiny of your character – you order your character to eat, shower, find a job, socialise, and learn the skills which can help him reach the goal that you have set him as well. I’ve had a lot of fun creating my character who I’ve named Stig Larsenfjord … hahaha. A blonde twenty-something who’s forging a career in the music industry. I have to wean myself off The Sims 3 if I don’t want to look panda-eyed every day at work! 🙂 Hahaha.

Because of The Sims 3, I haven’t published a real account of the wintercamp that I had last weekend at Kangaroo Island. I really had a blast at the camp – mentally and spiritually. We had a two-hour busride from Adelaide to Cape Jervis, and then took a 45-minute ferry ride across the Backstairs Passage over to Penneshaw in Kangaroo Island. Being in the sea on the ferry reminded me of Norway. I still wonder what it is about the country that mesmerises me and totally captivates me! Visiting magnificent places such as Pennington Bay, Seal Bay, Little Sahara, Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch was just what I needed to take my mind off work and the daily grind. I took a similar pose to the one that I took in 1992 when I visited Remarkable Rocks – and I was so happy that I managed to visit Little Sahara as well. Little Sahara wasn’t part of the places that I visited in 1992. It was quite amazing to find a desert in the middle of a tiny island!

On the second day, we didn’t visit any other attractions, because we had our sessions at Vivonne Bay Outdoor Education Centre – I was very much blessed by the sessions as well, especially the last one. There was an enormous anointing that I couldn’t stop weeping towards the end of the evening. The washing of the feet by the Pastor and his wife truly touched us as well. When I came to have my feet washed, I was overcome by a sense of guilt. I asked for my pastor’s forgiveness and when he washed my feet, it was a moment to remember. At the end, everybody asked for forgiveness and also forgave one another. People who we thought wouldn’t be reconciled that easily, were reconciled in a matter of seconds. I have a God who deals in impossibilities!

That sense of love and forgiveness was also carried into the church service today, even a week after the camp ended. There was a glow of brotherhood and sisterhood at church today – people seem to be warm to one another and more accepting. There were a lot more laughter in the room!

So that is all in a nutshell – I have to write a review of the last two movies that I watched as well: State of Play and The Proposal. Whilst State of Play is a movie that I really enjoyed, The Proposal was a product of a concessionary action. Hahaha. I have outgrown my fondness of American rom-coms and I mostly watch European or arthouse movies thesedays but I have to go along with everybody’s choice. Yani also wanted to watch The Proposal so I went along as well.

State of Play: I really enjoyed this movie – taught and tense and very smart with unexpected twists and turns. The story is about a girl who had a mysterious accident in the subway. She happened to be one of the senator’s mistress. A newspaper picked up the story, and the main journalist – played by Russel Crowe – happened to be a former roommate of the senator – played by Ben Affleck. The music, the acting and the pace all work together really well to create tensions and atmosphere. When you think that you have everything figured out, the story will give you a final twist, even until the end of the movie. This is a movie that you will enjoy – some kind of a whodunit in a political/news-commercial world. The Proposal: another typical rom-com with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock plays an ambitious book publishing executive who is threatened to be deported from the US back to Canada, so she has to quickly set up a marriage to Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), her executive assistant. They have to spend a weekend in Sitka with Andrew’s quirky family, where Andrew is from. The story is predictable, but some of the scenes are genuinely funny, even though a little bit conceited. I still have a chuckle remembering the dance around the fire scene. So, what’s my verdict for the two movies?

State of Play

The Proposal

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  1. hahahaha, I know you did not like “The Proposal”… 😛
    Anyway Thank you for going with me 🙂

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