Refreshed and tired after Kangaroo Island

It’s Tuesday evening and I’m dead tired — it’s not even 11pm and I feel really lethargic. I’ve been feeling off-centred today, maybe because I had such a heavy weekend in Kangaroo Island. I spent the long weekend on a church camp in Kangaroo Island. I had a blast – the last evening was especially memorable. It was a closure for a lot of us, a chance for some of us to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to rekindle friendships and ties. The camp went too quick and so did the weekend! By the time I went home yesterday evening, I was soooo tired. I slept at 6.00pm and got up at 10.00pm – and then after fiddling around online, I went to bed again at midnight and got up at 7.00am, wishing I could’ve stayed in bed longer. Alas, work was waiting for me!

I went to Kangaroo Island in 1992 the first time with an organisation called CWOS (Council for the Welfare of Overseas Students) – I don’t know what the organisation is called now. It may have been disbanded. In my group there were two Filipinos, two Dutch guys and an Aussie who used to share the same dorm as mine at Hampstead Centre. We stayed in Vivonne Bay Outdoor Education Centre then, the same facility where I stayed this time around with the folks from church. The centre has been refurbished and upgraded, and apparently they will be renovated even more sometime this year. It’s a bit nostalgic going to the same spots that I visited 17 years ago with my friends Marcel Oberije, Hessel Idzenga, Tim Heilman, and the two Filipinos whose names I can’t remember at the moment.

The weather was a bit cold when I was in Kangaroo Island but not colder than in Adelaide – we managed to do a lot in such a short time. Unfortunately I don’t have the energy to go through what I did in great details at the moment. I’ll do a more thorough blog entry tomorrow!

On a different note, I’m writing this blog entry using Safari 4 – the latest version of the browser as produced by the Apple team. It looks slick and snazzy, but for some reason it feels a bit slower than my trusty old Mozilla Firefox. Apparently Apple has now adopted the iTunes Cover Flow look-and-feel into Safari now – which will certainly make the browser slicker. If it’s as fast or even faster than Firefox, I may consider switching camp. Talking about Apple, I can’t wait for the new update for my iPhone 3.0 Software Update on June 17th! I don’t think I will upgrade to a new handset Apple 3GS, but I certainly look forward to the new OS! Yippee.

Well, it’s time for me to hit the sack and catch up on my rest! 🙂


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  1. Hello ???,

    Sounds strange, but who are you? You mentioned my name because of our joint visit to Kangaroo Island. Are you the Swedisch guy who sat with me on the back of a towtruck after a small accident with a car in the surroundings of Yankalila?

    Marcel Oberije.

  2. If you’re the Marcel Oberije from UTwente, then you’d probably remember me? 🙂 Maybe I should post a photo taken during that trip to Kangaroo Island in 1992.

    PS: No, I’m not Swedish … hehehe. 😀

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