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The swine flu has finally reached South Australia with two confirmed cases so far – two highschools have been closed off for a week as a precautionary method and the families are pretty much in isolation until they’re fully recovered. Because of this hysteria, people have started to feel more cautious and worried about the possibility of a swine flu pandemic. I read somewhere that the best prevention is to keep the vitamin intake, to wash our hands frequently, and to refrain from rubbing our eyes or mouth because the virus can easily enter our system from those points. The virus can’t break into our skin reportedly so the easiest entry point for it is through our eyes or mouth. I have even bought myself a bottle of antibacterial liquid now – just to be on the safe side!

Masked pig - Augusta, Rundle Mall - Adelaide
Masked - Augusta, the pig; Rundle Mall - Adelaide

For those who are not familiar with Rundle Mall in Adelaide – well, there are four bronze pig statues in the mall – the statues are part of an art installation called ‘A Day Out’. Each pig has its own name – Horatio, Augusta, Oliver and Truffles. When the news about the swine flu was reported in late April, somebody did a witty prank in Rundle Mall. Adelaideans discovered that somebody had put a mask on each of the pigs. Pretty funny … hehehehe. I didn’t see it myself – my office is far away from the CBD unfortunately. One of my friends sent the pictures through an email.

On a different note, after such a hectic and busy week, it’s so nice to have a breather during the weekend. Today, I had to get up earlier because a group of us from the Indonesian church wanted to go up to the Adelaide Hills to see some Autumn colours and have a breakfast up there. A lot of the trees were bare already but there were many with magnificent Autumn colours still. We went to Locavore – a restaurant in Stirling for breakfast. I had a good breakfast – with scrambled egg, bacon, mushroom and turkish bread. Afterwards, we took some more pictures along the main street as well as in a field off Pomona Road, amongst the colourful liquidambar trees.

We couldn’t stay in the Hills for too long as some of us gave our commitment to do some doorknocking for the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal. So at the end, there were six of us who did the doorknocking at 1.00pm – the pastor included. We covered some area near our current church building in Wayville. I have been doing the annual doorknocking for the past four year perhaps and from experience, I can say that posh areas tend to be stingier compared to non-posh suburbs. Rejections and excuses are quite normal but you just have to be polite and continue to be cheerful. I had a memorable moment when I doorknocked in an area around Goodwood a couple of years ago. Goodwood isn’t especially posh – there are some nice houses there but there are some run-down places and ‘working class families’ there as well. When I went to this one house, there was a lady who was sitting on the porch, smoking and looking doped. There was a girl who was playing by herself as well  and when I approached the house and told them about what I was there for, the mother went into the house while the girl came over to greet me. She told me to wait for a minute as she would go inside the house and get her pocket money for the donation … It was quite heartbreaking and touching at the same time.

Wayville is a nice area full of nice old houses with big yards and swanky townhouses … I started my walk and readied myself for rejections and small donations. However, I was proven wrong. It seemed that the crisis didn’t affect the goodwill of the people in Wayville. I received many $5’s and $10’s – in the past years, people usually only gave $2 or even less. It was true that there were a lot of empty houses though – the occupants were presumably shopping or going out somewhere. There were also some people who knew that we were there to ask for donations and deliberately didn’t answer the door when we knocked. Hmmmmm ….

After we finished the doorknocks at 3.30pm, Yani, Novi, Leandra, Vito and I still wanted to relax so we went down to Glenelg – from the Hills to the Bay! We hang around a bit – the folks even ended up spending two hours playing Ludo in a café. Tsk, tsk, tsk! By the time we went home at about 7pm, we were totally tired already. It had been quite a full-on day!

Heart and Souls
Heart and Souls

I went home feeling tired but wanting to watch a movie – I didn’t want to watch anything serious or intense so I watched an old movie called ‘Heart and Souls‘. It was made in 1993 and it’s one of my favourite movies – maybe not in the Top-10, but certainly in the Top-100. The story is about Thomas (Robert Downey, Jr) who had four spirits following him all throughout his childhood because he had to help them settle the one thing that they were set to do before they died. The movie is funny and touching at the same time. I don’t mind being caught in the sentimentality that I used to revel in when I was younger. The movie reminds me of a much ‘softer’ me … Somehow the movie also reminded me of my late brother and I couldn’t help being teary even though the scenes had nothing to do with him. I guess I’m just missing him … a lot that it hurts. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

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