Congratulations, Norway!

The annual Eurovision Song Contest has just passed us again – the annual festival of silliness and banality. The festival is full of shallow love songs, singers in tights or silly costumes, gorgeous girls, and screaming hosts. Every year, the hosts seem to be compelled to scream and shout every word, and make lame jokes. I suppose all of the kitschiness makes Eurovision Song Contest a ‘delight’ to watch. Hahaha.

None of the songs left an impression on me as much as the song that was played on one of the Semi Finals in Serbia last year. I wrote about the beautiful song Nebo in a blog entry – it is really a beautiful song that still takes my breath away whenever I listens to it. Below here is the mesmerising performance that I watched last year – I was hooked instantly. What a beautiful song!



Whilst browsing and revisiting the song, I came across a beautiful tune by Slobodan Trkulja and Balkanopolis, the singer and group behind Nebo. This beautiful clip is called Night Voyage. Deep and soulful – another breathtaking song from Balkanopolis. I just wish they would sell their CD here in Australia! 🙁


Well, for 2009 – the winner for the Eurovision Song Contest is Norway – YAAAY! 😀 The song Fairytale won the contest by a landslide against the runner-up Iceland and third runner-up Azerbaijan. The song is sung by Alexander Rybak, a Norwegian of Belarussian origin. The catchy song with an Eastern European flavour to it was certainly popular with the voters in Eastern Europe. Very smart move for Norway. Congratulations Norway! 🙂 This is a clip of the song when it was performed in Norway, prior to the Eurovision Song Contest.


It would be exciting to see 2010 Eurovision Song Contest all the way from Oslo! 🙂

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