Can I say ‘AAARGH!’?

I’m dead tired at the moment after finishing work after 7pm. I know that it’s nothing compared to my previous record at Citibank – I remember I even stayed until 10pm once but I was still young and eager back then and a lot of things have changed since my yuppie days. Things are very busy and intense at work, and it will be even busier closer to the end of the financial year. I may need to stay back tomorrow night and for the rest of the week – if I can help it, I will try to go home earlier tomorrow so I can clean the fishtank and give my fish a more pleasant environment. This Friday, I’m also heading to Melbourne again to accompany the Research Consultant in presenting the findings of our choice modelling project. It has been a great project to work in – very interesting and very rewarding mentally as well! 🙂 I don’t mind working extra hard as long as it is still fun! Hehe.

I also made a detour after work to Bunning’s in Keswick to buy a plant – for those who don’t live in Australia, Bunning’s is a hardware store chain here. They are open until 9pm so I had enough time to take the bus from the office to the city, and from the city to Keswick. I want to replace the dead Euonymus bush that was a gift from my friend Anton – unfortunately the heatwave fried it. 🙁 I want another deciduous tree/shrub so I thought perhaps I should get another crepe myrtle. I found a nice crepe myrtle tree (Lagerstroemia indica x L. fauriei ‘Sioux‘) which was a bit larger than I first anticipated, so unfortunately I had to lug it all the way from Keswick to Kurralta Park – try carrying a 10kg pot for 2.5km! I was pretty tired when I got home. It seemed pretty good timing as well because it rained about 10 minutes after I arrived home. Talking about God’s perfect timing. Hahaha. 😀

Well, it’s time for me to have my evening shower, and head to sleep! Another busy day awaits!

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