Autumn is in full swing

It’s a melancholic Autumn Sunday morning here in Adelaide with the sunlight is diffused through the thick grey clouds. It’s not particularly cold because I’m still quite comfortable walking around the house in my tshirt and sarong. 🙂 I even walked outside in the backyard and hung my laundry without having the need to wear warmer clothes. I’m playing the soundtrack to an old TV series, Providence to give me some background music as I do my Sunday chores. I used to love watching the series – funny, heartwarming and not too soppy. Too bad they ended it in 2002!

Some of the deciduous trees have also put on their Autumn outfit, displaying a full blast of colours before they fall asleep for Winter. I took the picture above from the front door of my house through the porch – the scenery struck me as I looked out of through the door. I thought, Autumn was truly here. The picture was taken in mid-April when Adelaide was really dry-as-a-bone. Since then we have received a lot of rain so the frontyard and the backyard are looking lush again. The maple tree in front of the house has lost most of its leaves as well so I took the picture just in time! I love how the crimson from the maple tree complements the golden leaves of the tree across the road.

This weekend has turned out to be quite busy as well with me starting the day by going to Marion to visit an optometrist, and then off to my pastor’s house for a prayer meeting and a refresher Worship Leader training. The training didn’t eventuate because of the usual issue of music practice overrun, and so forth, and so forth. I did join the prayer meeting until 4pm because I had to dash out earlier. My friend Mark had a birthday celebration at 6pm and I hadn’t bought his presence yet at that stage. We went to a pub called The British in Finniss Street in North Adelaide. The setting was charming, the food was pretty good, but the service was crappola. I had a great time though, socialising with Mark’s friends and chatting with Paula and Ian who I hadn’t seen for good twelve months. They came in later and I did consider ducking out earlier if they didn’t come. Inside I’m still the same old introvert who needs good stimulus before I feel brave enough to talk to perfect strangers. Haha. 🙂 Yani didn’t come with me because she’s busy with an assignment that’s due on Monday. When I asked her whether she would like to join me for Mark’s 40th, she paused and gave her, “Errrrrmmmm ….”. I suppose 40 year olds seem so old for her at this stage in her life – come to think about it, I’m three years shy of my 40th birthday! Ah well! 🙂

Have a great Sunday all, and to all the mothers out there – Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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