You’ll love every piece of … Brunetti cookies.

I have just returned from Melbourne – I was there to deliver two presentations to the staff in our Melbourne office. Even though it seems that I only worked for three hours (1 hour presentation + 1 hour discussion whilst having a break + 1 hour presentation), at the end of the day I was drained! Before I returned to Adelaide, I made a detour to Brunetti to get some cookies. My friend Peter introduced me to the joy of Brunetti cookies years and years ago and I was hooked! They have the best range of Italian cookies, dolci, biscotti, etc, etc, etc … 😛 *droooooool*. I have bought plenty of cookies to bring to the office tomorrow. So, if you ever come to Melbourne again, have a quick stop at Brunetti to get yourself some great cookies and cakes! Brunetti now has a branch in the city, but for the full range of cookies or cakes, head off to the main cafe off Lygon Street in Carlton.

It’s nice to see Melbourne again and I honestly think that I wouldn’t mind moving to Melbourne if the opportunity arises – the city feels very much European with lanes and tree-lined boulevards, hilly city blocks and old terrace houses. Of course, I probably won’t be able too afford those terrace houses but Melbourne is certainly my kind of town.

Melbourne lanes

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