Battling sleepiness

I’m sitting in the Virgin Blue airport lounge at Sydney Airport now, waiting for my flight back home to Adelaide. I flew here with a colleague of mine at 6.00am this morning, which meant that I had to get up around 4.00am so I could be ready on time.  Last night, I planned to go to bed at 10.00pm so that I could have a decent amount of sleep – of course it didn’t happen, did it? I ended up watching Lie To Me – one of my favourite TV shows at the moment about an agency specialising in lie detection – until 10.30pm. By the time that I finished my evening shower, it was close to 11pm already. I ended up checking my work email and did some work, which meant that by the time I crashed in bed, it was already past midnight. :zzz:

Thankfully I was pretty alert this morning when I arrived in Sydney and when my colleague and I met the client in North Sydney. It was a fruitful discussion about a project that we’re about to embark together. After a good lunch in a café nearby, we made our way to the airport early to make use of the airport lounge here.

I’m enjoying working in a research agency a lot as it provides me with a diverse range of areas to work on. It has been unbelievably hectic and busy as well in the past couple of weeks that I didn’t have time to be bored or to worry about the uncertain economic situation in the market. The next couple of weeks will still be busy – even more so! I hope I can find some time to breathe from time to time.

When I still worked in the financial sectors, I often romanticised the life of a management consultant – flying around and being a jetsetter. Well, I’m virtually living that life at the moment – I don’t fly as much as some of my colleagues as I have to do the research analysis area as well but in my three months with the company, I have done three day-trips to Melbourne and Sydney so far. It’s tiring to go early in the morning and flying back in the evening – however, it is exciting to visit different cities and soaking in different urban characters.

So, I’m now feeling pretty sleepy and tired even though somehow writing this blog entry has perked me up somehow. In a moment, I’m going to grab myself another cup of coffee and join my colleague! I’ll probably have an early night tonight so tomorrow I can be bright and bushy-tailed for another day at work! 🙂

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