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I know I haven’t posted much ever since I started my new job in February. It’s mostly because I’m usually very tired by the time I get home – by the time that I finish tinkering with my Facebook profile and looking at what my friends are up to, it is usually my bed time already. It’s like being transported back to my early years in Citibank when I went home in the evening, too tired to do anything else except for resting and sleeping *grin*. The main difference is that I’m no longer a twenty-something year old guy who can stay up until 2am chatting to his e-mates all over the world.

I have started to get a hang of my role in the new company – the varying nature of my work keeps me engaged and interested and besides I also like the people who I work with. Of course it is different working in a small-to-medium sized company than working in an established corporation, on the plus side: there is less bureaucracy and people tend to relate better to the rest of the staff. There are some negative side to it as well, for sure – such as the lack of necessary policy and procedures that are already in place in large organisations. So far so good, though – I’ve travelled around accompanying one of the Research Consultant as well as the Managing Director to Sydney and Melbourne. Whilst it does sound fantastic, it is pretty tiring to go early in the morning and return home in the evening – it saps your energy pretty effectively! :zzz:

On a different note, Adelaide is truly in Autumn now – the days are definitely shorter and it gets dark pretty early thesedays. It’s getting cooler as well during the day and much colder during the night. It’s probably warm for European standard but for us, it’s quite cool already. 🙂 The maple trees lining my street have turned crimson now – unfortunately the deciduous trees in my front yard are yet to change their colour. I hope I will be rewarded with a display of a blast of Autumn colours soon. 🙂 It’s certainly my favourite season! To make my house and yard feel cosier, I bought a sacred bamboo shrub (Nandina domestica ‘Moonbay’) and plant it in a pot. Sacred bamboo also turns crimson in Autumn, even though it doesn’t shed its leaves. It’s now in my euroCorner area, next to the sad-looking Wollemi Pine that I hope will survive! We still haven’t received a lot of rain thus far, my frontyard and backyard are still looking parched! I hope Winter will bring some decent rain over to South Australia because we really need the water.

Still talking about gardening, I have also bought some flower seeds to spread around in the northwestern side of my backyard in anticipation of Spring. It would be nice to have a blast of juvenile colours in Spring! If Autumn is elegant and mature, to me Spring is exciting and juvenile. I’ll keep you updated!

Well, it’s time for me to call it a day now – it’s mid-April already! Time certainly flies, eh?

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