Me Two (La personne aux deux personnes)

Me Two (La personne aux deux personnes) is my second French movie for the 2009 festival. The omnipresent and very likeable Daniel Auteuil is the star of this movie, as a hapless, daggy and boring accountant who is brought to life by a stray spirit.

Jean-Christian Ranu (Daniel Auteuil) is hit by a car driven by a has-been popstar from the 1980’s Gilles Gabriel (Alain Chabat). Somehow Gilles’ spirit also enters Jean-Christian’s head, so he has to deal with having two persons in his head. Conflicts emerge because the mundane life of an accountant doesn’t fit well with hedonistic Gilles. While Jean-Christian is all stressed out because of a major presentation that he needs to do, Gilles is more interested in making a comeback using Jean-Christian’s body. Of course such situations provide a lot of laughters for this movie. Like, how will Gilles deal with Jean-Christian going to the loo? Or his early bedtime at 8.30pm? Will Jean-Christian also help Gilles check on his wife?

The movie has a lot of funny moments, and no doubt the cinema will also play this after the festival is over. Auteuil is really a chameleon as he can inhabit whatever character that is thrown at him. Some of the scenes are too OTT (over the top) for my liking and made me cringe – I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing which ones, in case you’re going to see it. If you feel like being entertained by some light french humour, Me Two may be a good option for you. If you want a smart, witty comedy, this won’t please you as much.




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